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The benefits navigator will give you an overview of important information and decisions you will need to make when enrolling in ARHS employee benefits. Please visit each benefit’s individual page for complete information and documents. If you have had an address change within the last year and have not updated your address with HR, please complete the Employee Information Form and return it to HR.

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1. Health Insurance
Visit the Consumer-Driven Health Plan


Decide who you would like to cover through the ARHS health plan. Be sure to complete the spousal affidavit if you wish to cover your spouse.

Following the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, each employee must make a health insurance election or waive coverage. If you do not wish to be covered by a health plan, YOU MUST go to Lawson Employee Self Service and select the Waive” Option.

Failure to make an election in Lawson during open enrollment will result in entry into the Basic Consumer Driven Health Plan.


Coverage, Premium Cost, and Deductible

View premium costs and deductible for all coverage options ▶︎


2. Health Savings Account
Visit Health Savings Account


As a part of the Consumer-Driven Health Plan, ARHS will fund a savings account for you that can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses not covered under your health insurance benefits. You must complete the HSA Authorization Form, HSA Affidavit, and Designation of Beneficiary Form in order to be enrolled.  

View contribution levels, forms and all HSA information▶︎

3. Prescription Drugs
Visit Prescription Drugs


Prescription drug coverage is automatically included with the Consumer Driven Health Plan. Our prescription drugs provider is OptumRX.

Employees on the CDHP will pay the cost of their medications up to their deductible amount before the plan will pay, with the exception of the drugs on the Preventive Medication List. The majority of drugs on the preventative list will have a $5 co-pay and are not subject to a deductible. Maintenance drugs must be ordered by mail, and you are required to request the generic if one is available.

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4. Retirement
Visit Retirement


Newly hired employees are automatically enrolled in the retirement savings plan at 4% unless a different deferral amount is elected. Be sure to fill out the Beneficiary Designation Form when enrolling in the ARHS retirement plan.

Principal 1:1 meetings

You can meet one-on-one with a Principal representative who will help you plan for retirement. Click here to access the signup page. If you have any questions or issues please call HR at (828) 262-4116.

5. Disability, Life Insurance, AD&PL

The following benefits are provided by ARHS to full-time employees at no cost. New Employees are automatically enrolled in disability, life, and AD&PL insurance.

Disability Insurance 

The Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans with Aetna provide income replacement in the event you are unable to work for a period of time due to an illness or injury.  View disability Insurance information.

Life Insurance and AD&PL

Basic Group Life insurance and AD&PL (Accidental Death and Personal Loss) insurance coverage helps provide additional financial protection for you and your beneficiaries* in the event of death or serious injury. Employees must complete the Aetna Beneficiary Form for life insurance benefits. View Life Insurance and AD&PL information.

6. Voluntary Benefits
Visit all voluntary benefits


A wide variety of voluntary benefits are available to employees. Decide which of the following benefits you would like and visit the Voluntary Benefits page for more information on each.

  • Accident
  • Auto & Home
  • Cancer
  • College Savings Plan
  • Critical Illness
  • Dental
  • Individual Short-Term Disability
  • Supplemental Life
  • Whole Life

2018 Benefits Enrollment Checklist

❏ Review the 2018 Employee Benefits website for more information about our benefits

❏ If you have had an address change within the last year and have not updated your address with HR, please complete the Employee Information Form and return it to HR.

❏ Visit the Lawson Self-Service Portal to enroll and go through the self-guided process to enroll in each benefit – click each benefit title to view more information

❏ When you reach the end of the enrollment process, print a confirmation of your final benefits elections and keep for future reference

❏Look for a confirmation that says “Congratulations, your enrollment has been successful.” You have not completed your enrollment process until you receive this message

❏  You will not be able to make changes to your 2018 benefit elections until the next annual enrollment period unless you have an IRS Qualifying Event

❏  You will receive a final statement from Lawson ( showing your 2018 benefit elections and the premium deductions for each benefit

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