How to Enroll in Employee Benefits

Benefits Enrollment Checklist

❏ Review the Employee Benefits website for more information about our benefits

❏ If you have had an address change within the last year and have not updated your address with HR, please complete the Employee Information Form and return it to HR.

❏ Visit the Lawson Self-Service Portal to enroll and go through the self-guided process to enroll in each benefit – click each benefit title to view more information

❏ When you reach the end of the enrollment process, print a confirmation of your final benefits elections and keep for future reference

❏ Look for a confirmation that says “Congratulations, your enrollment has been successful.” You have not completed your enrollment process until you receive this message

❏  You will not be able to make changes to your 2019 benefit elections until the next annual enrollment period unless you have an IRS Qualifying Event

❏  You will receive a final statement from Lawson ( showing your 2019 benefit elections and the premium deductions for each benefit

Enroll in Benefits (Lawson)

Log into the Lawson portal to access the self-service benefits enrollment (required). 

1. Enter Dependents if you have not previously done so.

Click Employee Self Service, then Personal Information

Click Dependents and enter their information.

Once you have entered your dependents, click Home.

Lawson Screenshot 2

2. Enroll in Core Benefits, Dental, and Vision: 

Click Employee Self Service, then click Benefits

Click Benefits Enrollment and follow instructions

Lawson Screenshot

The CDHP Health Plan is the only option for health insurance.

Spending Accounts: HSA Accounts must be re-elected during Open Enrollment for the new benefit year. Your current election will end on 12/31/2018 and will not carry over to the 2019 benefit plan year.

ARHS Retirement Savings Plan: Are you saving enough money for your retirement? You will have the option in Lawson to increase the amount you are deferring to your ARHS Retirement Plan. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure your future financial independence.

3. Print a confirmation of your final elections for your records. 

✓ Covering Your Spouse

Print, complete, and send  the Spousal Affidavit to Human Resources. (Fax number: 268-2611) You must submit a Spousal Affidavit to cover your spouse on the ARHS Health Plan. The Affidavit will be shown as a link after you have chosen employee/spouse or family coverage.

If your spouse is eligible for health insurance through their employer but you elect to cover them on the ARHS Health Plan, there will be a $100.00 per month surcharge added to your insurance premiums.

Enroll in Other Voluntary Benefits

Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness and Whole Life benefits: Call the Trion Benefit Call Center during Open Enrollment at 888-317-3759 to enroll or change your coverage. Part-time employees are also eligible to purchase a Short-Term Disability policy and must call Trion to complete their enrollment.

Supplemental life, LTD Buy-Up and NC529 College Savings Plan: Call Human Resources at 262-4116 to enroll or change your coverage.

Auto, Home or Renters Insurance: Contact our Liberty Mutual Insurance agent directly for a free quote  at (704) 544-9789 X 57762.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can make changes in Lawson only during open enrollment. After that date, no changes can be made accept for a Qualifying Life Event

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