Appalachian Regional Healthcare System provides basic term life and AD&PL coverage to full-time employees at no cost. Basic Group Life insurance and AD&PL (Accidental Death and Personal Loss) insurance coverage helps provide additional financial protection for you and your beneficiaries in the event of death or serious injury. Although the full cost of your Group Term Life Insurance is paid for you by ARHS, the IRS guidelines stipulate that it is a taxable benefit.

Benefit Details

Benefit Amount: 2 times annual base salary up to maximum of 300,000

Employee age reduction: All coverage amounts reduce to 65% at age 70, and to 50% at age 75

What is the difference between Life and AD&PL? AD&PL pays an additional benefit if you are seriously injured or die during an accident. Basic Life pays a benefit if you die for any reason except those included in the Certificate of Insurance

Whom do I contact? ARHS Human Resources or Aetna at 1-866-326-1380

2018 Life Insurance and AD&PL Documents

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