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Basic Life Insurance & ADPL

The Hartford

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System provides basic term life and AD&PL coverage to full-time employees at no cost to the employee. Basic Group Life insurance and AD&PL (Accidental Death and Personal Loss) insurance coverage helps provide additional financial protection for you and your beneficiaries in the event of death or serious injury. Although the full cost of your Group Term Life Insurance is paid for you by ARHS, the IRS guidelines stipulate that it is a taxable benefit.

Benefit Details

Benefit Amount: 2 times annual base salary up to maximum of $300,000 and/or a maximum of $500,000 for Physicians & Executive staff.

Employee age reduction: All coverage amounts reduce to 65% at age 70, and to 50% at age 75

What is the difference between Life and AD&PL? AD&PL pays an additional benefit if you are seriously injured or die during an accident. Basic Life pays a benefit if you die for any reason except those included in the Certificate of Insurance.

Supplemental Life Insurance

The Hartford

Supplemental Life Insurance is coverage that you can obtain in addition to the Basic Life Insurance provided by ARHS. Coverage can be purchased in $10,000 increments, up to 5 times your annual base salary. Newly eligible employees are guaranteed up to $150,000, not to exceed maximum allowable, in coverage with no medical evidence of insurability required. Coverage over the guaranteed amount will require approval from The Hartford with a Personal Health Application.

Spouse Supplemental Life

Supplemental Life coverage is available for your spouse in increments of $5,000 with a guaranteed issue of $30,000, not to exceed the maximum of $50,000. Coverage cannot exceed 50% of the Supplemental Life insurance that you purchase for yourself. Your spouse must provide Evidence of Insurability and be approved by The Hartford for coverage above the guaranteed issue amount.

Child Supplemental Life

Guaranteed Supplemental Life coverage of $10,000 can be purchased for each child. No medical information is required. Children must be unmarried and at least 15 days old up to age 26. Children may only be covered by one ARHS employee parent.

*To be eligible for spouse and/or child coverage you must elect and be approved for coverage for yourself
*Coverage not available if your spouse and/or child is an active member of the armed forces of any country or international authority, or is already covered as an employee of ARHS.

Whole Life Insurance


Whole Life Insurance provides permanent life insurance protection for you and your family. With fixed coverage amounts, premiums and benefits won’t change as you grow older. The policy can build cash value over time that grows tax-deferred and can be accessed during your lifetime.

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