Change your HSA contribution

You may change your HSA contribution at any time. Notify Human Resources by email of your desired contribution amount, and it will be effective at the start of the next month.

Change Contact Information

Please submit the Employee information Form to Human Resources in order to make changes to name, address, direct deposit info, or to request PDO cashout.

Change Core & Voluntary Benefits

You may only enroll, make changes or cancel benefits during our annual open enrollment period, or within 31 days of a Qualified Life Event. 

Qualified Life Events:

Change in marital status

Loss of parental coverage at age 26

Loss of existing health coverage, including employer-based, individual, and student-based plans

Birth, adoption, or placement of a child

Change in dependent eligibility due to age

Change in employment status for employee or spouse

Death of spouse or dependent

Change in Medicare or Medicaid eligibility.

Notify Human Resources if you have a qualifying life event and would like to change your benefits enrollment.

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