ARHS will provide paid time off benefits to eligible employees for purposes of rest, relaxation, illness or injury, vacations, personal or family needs for all full time and part time benefit eligible employees. PTO time will be available for use after 90 days of employment. Please refer to the Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual for more information.

Employees accrue PDO based on years of service from their Seniority Date. The accrual rate is applied to the total hours worked as well as paid time substituted for work hours such as: PDO, Bereavement Leave, Disability, Jury Duty, etc. Although PDO begins accruing from date of employment, employees are not eligible to use accrued PDO until the end of their 90-day probationary period.

Maximum accrual for any employee is 40 hours over the full-time annual accrual rate. PDO accruals and balances will automatically stop once the employee reaches the maximum limit. It is the employee’s responsibility to request PDO utilization or buyback hours prior to reaching the maximum.

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