What is Supplemental Life Insurance?
Supplemental Life Insurance is coverage that you pay for, in addition to any Basic Life Insurance that your employer may provide to you. Life Insurance pays your beneficiary (please see below) a benefit if you die while you are covered by the policy. This highlight sheet is an overview of your Supplemental Life Insurance. Once a group policy is issued to your employer, a certificate of insurance is available to explain your coverage in detail. (Plan booklet is posted on the intranet).

How much can I purchase?
You can purchase Supplemental Life insurance in increments of $10,000. The maximum amount you can purchase cannot be more than 5 times your salary or $600,000, whichever is less. Newly eligible employees are guaranteed up to $150,000 of Supplemental Life insurance with no medical information required. You must provide Evidence of Insurability and be approved by Aetna to receive coverage above the guaranteed amount. You may need to complete a Personal Health Application. These are available from Aetna or contact Human Resources.

Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for your spouse:

  • You may choose to purchase Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for your spouse in increments of $5,000 to a maximum of $30,000. Coverage cannot exceed 50% of the amount of Supplemental Life Insurance that you purchase for yourself. This coverage is available only when you elect and are approved for coverage for yourself. You may not elect coverage for your spouse if your spouse is an active member of the armed forces of any country or international authority, or is already covered as an employee under this insurance.
  • Your spouse is guaranteed coverage up to $30,000. Your spouse must provide Evidence of Insurability and be approved by Sun Life to receive coverage above the guaranteed amount and up to a maximum of $50,000. Forms available from Sun Life or your Human Resources Department.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for your spouse ends when they reach age 70.

Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for your children:

  • You may choose to purchase guaranteed Supplemental Life coverage of $5,000 for each unmarried child (no medical information is required). Coverage for your child is available only when you elect and are approved for coverage by Aetna for yourself. You may not elect coverage for your child if your child is an active member of the armed forces of any country or international authority.
  • Children must be unmarried and at least 15 days old up to age 26.
  • Children may only be covered by one ARHS employee parent. If the child is an ARHS employee, then they cannot be covered as a dependent for child life.

Do I still pay my insurance premium if I become disabled?

If you become totally disabled before age 60 and your disability lasts for at least 9 months, your Supplemental Life Insurance premium may be waived. This option does not apply to AD&D Insurance.

Employee Age Reduction:
Policy coverage amounts are reduced to 65% at age 70 and 50% at age 75.

Accelerated Death Benefit
You may be eligible to receive up to 75% of your combined basic and optional life insurance coverage if diagnosed with a terminal or serious medical condition.

Supplemental Life Rates

*Rates are based as a monthly cost per $1,000 coverage.

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